Saturday, October 5, 2013

It Has Been a While

You would think that with all of the time that I have on my hands, a new post on my blog would be a regular occurrence. I update Facebook on a fairly regular basis so I am going to blame my absence and lack of attention to my blog on that! I wanted to share some of life's recent goings on in the Sharp home in an effort to keep those who are far from us, as near as I can. I think August is a safe place to pick up where I left off... AUGUST 2013 The kiddos began their second year as Texas students. Hanna is a freshman at The Woodlands High School Ninth Grade Campus...yes, as much as that stung...I said it...FRESHMAN! She had some hiccups over the summer with a friend that was less than genuine, but her true friends showed themselves and she has an amazing group surrounding her...and yes, even a boyfriend. I think back to when I was a freshman. Who were my friends? Who was my boyfriend? Who were my teachers? How did I feel about school? What did I want to be when I grew up? So many opportunities to reflect on my own experiences presented themselves that day. friends were wonderful! We were a gang of four and we were a force to be reckoned with. It isn't like we were scary or anything, but I don't think anyone really got our sense of togetherness and what it meant to us. Beyond that group of four, I had so many people from so many different ends of the spectrum I was proud to call my friend. I met my rock, my best friend, my TOM that year. Danna, you are one of the very best parts of my life! Later on that year, I met this guy who would become my big brother, my protector, and the ultimate savior. Chris, you are also one of the very best parts of my life. If you don't have a Danna and a Chris in your life, that's too bad...they belong to me! My high school boyfriend? Well, after a breakup, and a get back-together, and a marriage, a baby, and a divorce...I can only chalk him up to a lesson learned. He did give Jeff and I one of the most precious gifts ever, our little princess, Hanna. And for that, I am grateful to him. My teachers? I have no freaking clue! I got good grades, liked school well enough, and was relatively smart. Mom and Dad never had to sweat report card time when it came to me! What did I want to be when I grew up? I wanted to be an anesthesiologist or a dermatologist. Instead, I became a cosmetologist! :) As much as I would have loved to don that white coat, that to me is the true definition of a superhero cape, I have no regrets about the choices I have made. I love what I do. I have been touched by so many people and have an amazing extended family within my clients! Brayden began third grade at Buckalew Elementary and is in the GT program. He is the perfect mix of brains and athleticism. Not to mention...the ladies have taken a definite liking to him! I am sorry that I cannot reflect on third grade because...well that would just times tables, prisoner dodge ball, and notch report cards :) SEPTEMBER 2013 In September, The Sharp Family does what it does best...STRESS!!! Jeff is on the ORWALL Little League board. He is also managing/coaching Brayden's team. GO ROCKIES (as I type this, they are undefeated)!!! This definitely put us into overdrive and with me still traveling for work, we often have to depend on the graciousness of our incredibly selfless and beautiful friends to make our lifestyle work. Matt and Bryttnee, you have no idea how much you mean to our entire family! We love and adore you both!!!!!!!!!! Our very first friend visitor, Steve Carroll, joined us mid-September. We packed his trip full of fun and threw in some unavoidable mundane day to day stuff too. I know that Jeff loved every single minute of having him here. The boys golfed, Jeff showed off our beautiful city, and we dined at our favorite restaurants that cannot be found in CA. We enjoyed every single second that he was here and were very sad to see him go! The night before Hanna's fourteenth birthday, we attended that Imagine Dragons concert and had an absolute blast! The contact high from the stoned idiots around us only lasted a few minutes, the natural high lasted clear into the next day. I am so glad that she was able to spend the evening with people who lift her up and listening to some pretty sweet tunes. For her actual birthday on September 27, she went to school (mean mom...I know, but she had a test)! She was able to open all of her gifts from family, received phone calls and texts from friends and family in California, all day long! She felt incredibly special ;) Later that evening we went to Outback and were joined by Matt, Bryttnee, and Jacob, because Hanna wanted to devour a juicy piece of cow on her birthday. What Princess wants...Princess gets!!! She said that she enjoyed every minute of her birthday. That made my heart smile! The very last day of September had to have been one of the most special days that our family has celebrated in a very long time. After an agonizing two years that was riddled with clerical nightmares, an unorganized state of CA, and becoming lost in the shuffle, Hanna Kaserine-Frances Walczak officially became Hanna Kaserine-Frances Sharp! Jeff's adoption of Hanna has been formally signed, sealed, and delivered. Our family, although complete before, has a become whole on a new level. Our security has been solidified! Hanna was meant to be Jeff's daughter...we just didn't know it at first!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


She does exist and her name is mom, but can also be referred to as babe, honey, dear, or wifey. My first trip back to CA to beautify my lovelies was a complete success coupled with a a bitter emptiness, as my sweet Cheryl, a long-time faithful client and friend, passed away before my return. I was fortunate to have been back in CA to be able to attend her services and celebrate her amazing life with her family and friends. She will be missed by me often and dearly <3 Now, let's back up to the Saturday prior to me leaving. Jeff joined a league for thirty-something men who still want to throw balls and swing bats. He was super excited to meet people in our new area and return to his former glory days. Unfortunately, the while practicing the day before the first game, Jeff ruptured his Achilles tendon. After a trip to the local ER, it was decided that surgery would be eminent. There was simply no way that I could reschedule my trip! Enter, the best father-in-law a girl could ask for. I am forever in his debt and incredibly grateful for his immediate response to my mayday. I also owe a huge t
hank you to my mother-in-law and Southwest Airlines for delivering him to us! Terry to the rescue!!! Jeff needed a chauffeur, someone to make sure his crawls up and down the stairs were not met with another injury, and basically, another wife to handle his domestic chores. Although difficult to manage a household from 2,000 miles away, I think between my FIL and I, we DID it!!! Upon my return, Jeff had his surgery, which went just as the doctor expected. He has been a pretty good patient which has me pleasantly surprised!!! I know that I don't have to tell the ladies about how sick men act...pretty much like death is knocking at their door. Needless to say, I was a little nervous :) He will be off of work until his post-op appointment on August 28. I think both of us have our fingers crossed for a clearance for him to return to work and restore some sort of modified "normal" back in our lives. I always knew what a tremendously helpful and involved husband I have, but this recovery and lack of Jeff's involvement, with even the simplest of tasks, has made me realize that I truly have one of the best husbands EVER!!! I got the kiddos registered for school by my lonesome, but am hopeful that Jeff will be able to join us for little league signups, the first day of NEW schools, and school orientations next week. As much as we miss his involvement, I know that he probably misses it even more. Hugs, ~g

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Did Arrive...I Promise...

So here we are, the Sharp's, each and everyone of us, born, and until the last couple of weeks, raised in the beautiful and sunny state of California, now referring to Texas as "home." So far so good! The poor kiddos are a tad bit bored as mommy prepares our new home and daddy heads off to work. The local Home Goods store has become Hanna's worst we have probably been there twenty seven times in our two weeks here. And the guy at Home Depot paint counter recognizes me every time we arrive for the next room's color...which mortifies my teenager. I cannot leave well enough alone....I love decorating...and no offense intended, but red is sooooooooo not my color!Papa to the rescue, as of tomorrow/today (depending on which time zone you are in). My dad has always been the adventurous type and we expect to learn a lot more about the surrounding areas while he is here :-) Plus, we are hoping to recruit our entire family to the Texas lifestyle!I promise to update with pics soon! We miss you all very much and hope to see you soon in your home or ours :)Hugs,~g

Monday, May 28, 2012

I am so happy that you have chosen to follow us on the biggest adventure of our lives. I promise there will be more to follow! Until then...welcome!