Sunday, August 19, 2012


She does exist and her name is mom, but can also be referred to as babe, honey, dear, or wifey. My first trip back to CA to beautify my lovelies was a complete success coupled with a a bitter emptiness, as my sweet Cheryl, a long-time faithful client and friend, passed away before my return. I was fortunate to have been back in CA to be able to attend her services and celebrate her amazing life with her family and friends. She will be missed by me often and dearly <3 Now, let's back up to the Saturday prior to me leaving. Jeff joined a league for thirty-something men who still want to throw balls and swing bats. He was super excited to meet people in our new area and return to his former glory days. Unfortunately, the while practicing the day before the first game, Jeff ruptured his Achilles tendon. After a trip to the local ER, it was decided that surgery would be eminent. There was simply no way that I could reschedule my trip! Enter, the best father-in-law a girl could ask for. I am forever in his debt and incredibly grateful for his immediate response to my mayday. I also owe a huge t
hank you to my mother-in-law and Southwest Airlines for delivering him to us! Terry to the rescue!!! Jeff needed a chauffeur, someone to make sure his crawls up and down the stairs were not met with another injury, and basically, another wife to handle his domestic chores. Although difficult to manage a household from 2,000 miles away, I think between my FIL and I, we DID it!!! Upon my return, Jeff had his surgery, which went just as the doctor expected. He has been a pretty good patient which has me pleasantly surprised!!! I know that I don't have to tell the ladies about how sick men act...pretty much like death is knocking at their door. Needless to say, I was a little nervous :) He will be off of work until his post-op appointment on August 28. I think both of us have our fingers crossed for a clearance for him to return to work and restore some sort of modified "normal" back in our lives. I always knew what a tremendously helpful and involved husband I have, but this recovery and lack of Jeff's involvement, with even the simplest of tasks, has made me realize that I truly have one of the best husbands EVER!!! I got the kiddos registered for school by my lonesome, but am hopeful that Jeff will be able to join us for little league signups, the first day of NEW schools, and school orientations next week. As much as we miss his involvement, I know that he probably misses it even more. Hugs, ~g

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