Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We Did Arrive...I Promise...

So here we are, the Sharp's, each and everyone of us, born, and until the last couple of weeks, raised in the beautiful and sunny state of California, now referring to Texas as "home." So far so good! The poor kiddos are a tad bit bored as mommy prepares our new home and daddy heads off to work. The local Home Goods store has become Hanna's worst we have probably been there twenty seven times in our two weeks here. And the guy at Home Depot paint counter recognizes me every time we arrive for the next room's color...which mortifies my teenager. I cannot leave well enough alone....I love decorating...and no offense intended, but red is sooooooooo not my color!Papa to the rescue, as of tomorrow/today (depending on which time zone you are in). My dad has always been the adventurous type and we expect to learn a lot more about the surrounding areas while he is here :-) Plus, we are hoping to recruit our entire family to the Texas lifestyle!I promise to update with pics soon! We miss you all very much and hope to see you soon in your home or ours :)Hugs,~g

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